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Net for the safety of children in the balcony so that they can play Open balconies in the apartment are where people enjoy the fresh air and refresh their minds. Some people like to build their own gardens and grow fresh fruits and vegetables. But most of the time, these gardens are damaged by the birds trying to pick the worms from the pots or fresh fruits or vegetables available on the plant. To avoid this, people usually put up balcony safety nets so that their gardens are not damaged, or the birds' droppings do not dirty the balcony. 

Balcony safety nets ensure that the above nuisances created by the birds are avoided; they are also used to maintain the safety of the children playing in the balcony. By nature, children are very curious and try to explore every new thing they see. It is tough to keep a tab on children every time. Adults have their set of work and duties that they have to complete every day, but they will also be worried about the safety of the children if they are not visible to them. To keep a little bit of stress out of their life safety net at the balcony is one good alternative, it is one of the cheapest and effective ways to ensure that the children are saved while playing in the balcony and are not disturbed by the birds or the birds damage the plants. The safety net also ensures that none of the objects thrown around the balcony falls and damages the properties or hurt any pedestrian below.